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Best Tinder Spying Apps 2022: Monitor Messages & More

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While Tinder markets itself as a dating and hookup app, it has also become a popular way for people to cheat on their partners or spouses.

In this article you’ll learn which spy apps allow you to monitor someone’s Tinder account to see their messages.

If you’re extra worried about whether or not your child or your partner is scrolling where they shouldn’t be, we give you… the best Tinder spy apps.

Top Tinder Spy Apps

Below, we’ve handpicked the 3 best Tinder spying applications to use.

1. uMobix

UMobix is a highly secure spy software application that allows you to spy on not only Tinder activity but all other phone information too. It is available for both iPhone and Android.

Also, UMobix comes up to less than $1 per day for the full version!

With UMobix you can:

  • View the contact list of the target device: Including names and numbers
  • View call logs easily: Call history comes HIGHLY detailed with type of call, duration, and even contact names and numbers.
  • See the messaging details: UMobix lets you see all sent, received, and deleted messages with name and sender.
  • GPS location: Follow your child through their location history, timestamps, and geographical coordinates.
  • Bookmarks and browser history: If you’ve ever wanted to know what your kids are looking up, now you can! This is where Tinder spying falls under.

Suffice to say that UMobix is going to give you the FULL cell phone spy kit! You can also spy in invisible mode through the settings on iPhone or Android.

You won’t just be limited to their Tinder messages. You can creep on any and all parts of the target phone!

UMobix remains as one of the MOST COMPREHENSIVE apps for information gathering on the market.

As a parent, everything you feel you need to know to ensure your children are safe, you will find through UMobix.

You get not only Tinder monitoring but monitoring on EVERY OTHER social media app on their iPhone or Android.

Some Drawbacks

As awesome as uMobix is, the biggest downside is it’s relatively more expensive than most apps out there.

Even the basic plan is limited. Still, the premium plan is well worth the price.

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2. mSpy

mSpy logo

mSpy is another wonderfully thorough spy software that you can use for Tinder information among other things.

It’s a cheaper version but gives you just as much detail as any other TOP QUALITY spy software.

Here’s what you get:

  • Short install time (about 5 minutes)
  • Messages and chats monitoring
  • Call logs (incoming and outgoing)
  • Round-the-clock customer support (in multiple languages)
  • No rooting necessary for Android devices
  • Automatically stores information securely for you to look at later
  • Tracks GPS and travel routes
  • Saves deleted messages
  • Details social media apps activity (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, and other dating apps)

mSpy is SO MUCH MORE than just a Tinder spy app. You’ll get more than just Tinder chat conversations with mSpy.

Similar to other spy apps, mSpy allows you to see browser history and data. This can tell you where your kids spend their time online.

You can also see how they use their social media apps, whether they’re regular socializing apps like Facebook or dating apps such as Tinder, you’ll know what they’re doing and when.

This software works for both iPhone and Android so it’s highly compatible with most devices. Make sure, though, that your iPhone is updated so that the software works properly.

Some Drawbacks

Keep in mind though that it only works on one phone at a time per license. So, you can’t spy on more than one person at a time.

You can use mSpy invisibly but not remotely, so you have to be sure that you have the phone physically to install it.

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spyic logo

Say hello to yet another HIGHLY ELABORATE monitoring software for Tinder messages and other phone details.

Spyic users will find this is one of the best spy apps to use if they want to check up on their children or their spouses.

Spyic offers:

  • Call log history and information
  • Insight into chats and text messages
  • Social media activity tracking
  • Location tracking
  • Web browser data and history
  • Multimedia files tracking
  • Other app tracking (including Tinder or another dating app)

Spyic is similar to other spy apps but what is interesting with Spyic is how it goes BEYOND Tinder. So, you can go TRULY in-depth into the device’s files.

It’s also much more discreet than the previously mentioned apps. Spyic is a ghost app! Whoever you’re spying on won’t know that you’re doing it.

Some Drawbacks

For iPhone, Spyic connects directly to the cloud so there’s no need to install any other apps, it’s an immediate spy software.

But here’s the catch. You need the user’s iCloud login credentials to set SPYIC up. So before you can even spy on their messages, well…you’ll have to be a stealth ninja first.

For Android, setting up is easy; however, there’s no remote installation available for Android devices.

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Monitoring Social Media Chat Apps

You get much more than just Tinder monitoring when using each of the apps listed above. They also allow you to monitor social media chat apps including the following:

Can You Spy on Tinder Accounts?

Disclaimer: before using ANY apps like these to spy on someone, you must inform the person whose phone you will be monitoring.

Now, that’s cleared up. Yes, you can spy on Tinder accounts. Using Tinder spy software is SUPER SIMPLE.

Free hacking sites might work but you can never really know how well.

Your best bet for Tinder monitoring is to use Tinder tracker spy applications. These apps are LEGAL MONITORING SOFTWARE solutions to be installed on a TARGET DEVICE.

When you use a Tinder spy application you obtain access to the target device’s Tinder activity and more!

Keep in mind all Tinder tracker spy apps will require payment to a subscription plan. Most of them are affordable so don’t worry.

If you’re ready to learn how these spy apps work and how to install a tracking software on a target phone, keep on reading!

Web-Based Control Panel

You’ll find this across the board with all spy apps. All users need to create a web account and log in every time they want to check on any Tinder activity.

Remote Access Application

There are some third-party apps that spy app vendors provide where you can monitor the phone of your child or partner through the tracking apps you installed on their cell phone.

Monitor Tinder Through Spy Apps

Spy apps don’t only monitor the Tinder activity of the users target phone or device. They can actually find a whole slew of information outside of the dating app.

Most Tinder tracking apps have:

  • User Profile
  • Matches
  • Chat Messages or Chat Conversations
  • Contacts
  • Photos and Videos

This is a lot to go by but that’s just the basic Tinder information.

You can also get ALL of this OTHER INFORMATION through the tracking apps:

  • Contacts
  • Text Messages
  • Location
  • Multimedia Files
  • Installed Apps
  • Email Messages and Files
  • Social Media Activity
  • Web Browser History
  • iPhone GPS Location

With a few spy apps on the target device, you’ll know everything someone is doing on their phone.


Before you install this spy software into a target device, make sure the other person is comfortable with you seeing that much information about them.

Regardless of who they are, privacy is privacy.

Spy App Installation

Installing Tinder tracking apps on a target device can be done in three simple steps for both iPhone and Android.

Android Installation

Installing a spy app for Android phones requires physical access to the device. Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Download

Like any other application, a Tinder tracking app needs to be downloaded. Go to the PlayStore for Android or the AppStore for iPhone.

Remember to download on your phone and the target device. You’ll have to sign up for an account and subscription.

Step 2: Install and Set It Up

Once signed up, you’ll get an email to activate your account.

Step 3: Live Your Spy Life

Once you activate your account, the tracking reports go live and you can spy on any and all information you find on your kids or your partner through their Tinder, their messages, their call logs, etc.


We hope this article has helped you decide how to spy on your kids if they’re using Tinder on their iPhone or Android!

Also, please consider how you might feel if someone chose to spy on you without your consent.

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