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Best Snapchat Tracker Spy Apps of 2022: See Snap Chats & Pictures

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Do you need to track someone’s Snapchat posts and messages?

In this article, we explore the best Snapchat spy apps for Android and iOS operating systems.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It’s used for all sorts of communications, some good and some bad.

Tracker apps remotely monitor someone’s Snapchat account activity. This could be a a child, spouse or partner, or an employee. Tracking their activity ensures they’re using the platform in a safe and responsible way.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • which apps allow you to see EVERYTHING they do in their Snapchat account
  • how you can start tracking their Snapchat (and other social media accounts) TODAY
  • which apps allow you to track Snapchat without rooting or jailbreaking their phone

What Are Snapchat Spy Apps?

Snapchat trackers are parental control apps, also known as spy apps, that remotely hack into someone’s Snapchat account activity. Spying app features include tracking text messages, phone calls, web browsing history, social media apps, GPS location, pictures, and videos.

These apps work on smartphones that use the iOS and Android operating systems. They are used to monitor the phone’s of children, employees, and even loved ones.

Android Snapchat Tracking Apps

Snapchat spy apps for Android phones can track all of the following activity within someone’s Snapchat account.

  • messages and conversations
  • pictures and videos
  • screenshots of Snaps and videos

How Do Android Snapchat Tracking Tools Work?

Snapchat servers delete Snaps and videos shortly after they are viewed by the recipient. Android spy software captures Snaps by taking screenshots of a user’s activity.

Android spy software is installed directly on the target device. This facilitates 2 methods of tracking messages and conversations.

  1. directly downloading all sent and received messages to an online dashboard
  2. using a keystroke logger to capture all outgoing messages.

Neither of the methods above require rooting the Android device.

iOS Snapchat Tracking Tools

Snapchat spy apps for iPhones can track all of the following activity within someone’s Snapchat account.

  • messages and conversations
  • pictures and videos
  • screenshots of Snaps and videos

How Do iOS Snapchat Tracking Tools Work?

Most iOS spy software access phone data through iCloud backups. However, Snapchat data is not stored in iCloud backups. Therefore, jailbreaking the iOS device is required to track Snapchat activity.

Once an iOS device has been jailbroken, spy software can track the following Snapchat data.

  • messages and conversations
  • pictures and videos
  • screenshots of Snaps and videos

9 Best Snapchat Spy Apps for Android & iOS

Below you’ll find my 9 favorite parental control apps for spying on Snapchat.

1. uMobix – Best for Android Phones and Tablets

uMobix Snapchat feature page


  • view sent and received Snapchat messages
  • view screenshots of all Snapchat activity
  • best Snapchat tracking app on the market
  • Does NOT require rooting Android OS


  • requires physical access to device
  • only works on Android operating system

uMobix is a parental control app that monitors Snapchat on Android devices. This hidden Android spy app is our top pick because it offers access to Snapchat messages and screenshots of all activity within the Snapchat app.

The screenshot feature allows you to spy on Snaps and videos from the target user’s Snapchat account.

These features are available WITHOUT rooting the Android device.

uMobix does NOT monitor Snapchat on iOS devices.

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uMobix is the most complete Snapchat spy tool out there. It tracks all of the following.

  • Tracking of deleted messages and calls
  • Tracking online status
  • Dating app monitoring
  • View Snapchat photos
  • Restrict and delete unimportant apps
  • Disable messages and block certain websites

No other app on the market allows you to see this much social media information.

Simple to Use

One of uMobix’s strengths is in its simplicity. Its control panel is intuitive and user-friendly, even if you’re not technically inclined. You’ll be able to hack into someone’s Snapchat in minutes.

From the control panel you can easily view your target device’s accounts on the side with just a few clicks.

You can use their online DEMO VERSION and see for yourself.


Below are the available price packages for uMobix:

  • 1 month: $49.99/mo
  • 3 month: $29.99/mo
  • 1 year: $12.49/mo

uMobix offers the most phone monitoring features of the most popular Snapchat spy apps.

If you need to monitor someone’s Snapchat account on an Android phone, there is no better Snapchat spy tool out there.

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2. mSpy – Best for iPhones and iPads

mSpy logo

mSpy is a spy app that tracks Snapchat activity on iOS devices. Using mSpy to track Snapchat on iPhones and iPads requires jailbreaking the device.

If you are not technically inclined their support team can help you through the process. For more information you can check out this article on jailbreaking an iPhone.

Once installed you will get access to just about everything the user does on their phone.

This includes viewing Snapchat chats and pictures.

mSpy Features

In addition to monitoring Snapchat, mSpy allows you to track a wide variety of activities on the target device.

  • GPS tracking on the selected device
  • Accessibility on expired snaps, messages, photos, call logs, and other Snapchat files in the account
  • Exact date and time of video messages and snaps
  • The entire duration of videos

mSpy Pricing

mSpy is competitively priced with other apps on the market. They also offer a 2 week refund policy after purchase. Just make sure you read the fine print so you completely understand how their refund policy works.


  • Fast download & installation (sign up & set up password)
  • Great refund policy
  • Strong Snapchat tracking features
  • Simple & intuitive dashboard


  • Jailbreak and rooting required (rooting for Android devices)
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3. Kidsguard Pro – Best for Parental Controls

Kidsguard Pro is a parental control app that monitors Snapchat on Android devices. It offers the same Snapchat spy features as uMobix, but also offers the ability to limit screen time, block inappropriate content, and more.

How does it compare? Let’s take a look.

Kidsguard Pro Features

Kidsguard tracks incoming and outgoing Snapchat messages. This includes and pictures or videos that are sent via Snapchat messaging system.

Kidsguard makes sure your kids are safe from inappropriate actions and behaviors on Snapchat or social media applications.

Parental Controls

Kidsguard Pro offers location tracking and geofencing features. These features allow parents to see the current GPS location of their child. Parents can also setup safe zones on a map and receive notifications if their child leaves these areas.

Block Inappropriate Content

With the app, you can block any Youtube video or website you think is not appropriate for learning nor entertainment on Android devices.

You can also detect any porn site access, sexting messages, and pornography files in his phone, and continue to block such websites with this app.


  • read incoming and outgoing Snapchat messages
  • view pictures or videos sent within chats
  • No need for root
  • block inappropriate Youtube content
  • Block suspicious websites


  • Cannot track Snapchat on iOS devices.
  • no screen time parental controls


spyic logo

Spyic is a phone spying app that tracks Snapchat on Android phones. From within your control panel you can view all incoming and outgoing Snapchat conversations. You can also view pictures and videos shared within messages.

Spyic does not offer the ability to capture screenshots of the target user’s activity within the Snapchat app. For this, you will need uMobix.

SPYIC Features

If you’re worried about the app getting noticed, you don’t have to. SPYIC is completely invisible once installed.

It operates to check someone’s Snapchat messages and media files. It can also identify the contact number and name of the sender.

Ambiant Recording Feature

Spying on secret Snapchat messages has never been easier with SPYIC.

A unique spy feature ONLY Spyic has is its Ambiance Recording Feature. It’s the best and most unique spy solution you can get from a Snapchat spy app!

You can turn on your kid’s phone camera and capture photos in secret.

In addition, the voice recorder app of the phone can also be turned on to listen to your kid’s surroundings-voices and noise- while they’re outside.

Tracking Social Media Applications

Spyic has ANOTHER great feature to keep track of your kids’ Snapchat messages. The keylogger feature is a great way to capture every word your kid types on his phone.

This makes sure your child’s vocabulary is appropriate for his age.


  • Unique Ambient Recording Feature for real-time recordings and photo captures
  • Has stealth mode to become invisible within the phone
  • Keylogger feature tracks every key your kid types in


  • Only available on Android devices
  • Higher price compared to uMobix & mSpy

5. Spyzie

Spyzie webpage listing Snapchat spy features

If you’re looking for an app to spy on Snapchat in the 21st century, then Spyzie.io is here for your spying needs. Its technology MAKES EVERYTHING EASIER to control and monitor without lifting a finger.

Don’t believe us? Well, then let’s take a closer look shall we?

Spyzie Features

Made in the 21st century, this spy app’s technology is like no other. You can easily track Snapchat activities such as messaging and video sending in the selected device from MILES AWAY.

Gone are the days of constantly checking for updates. Spyzie.io gives you a touchless experience in monitoring your child’s Snapchat activity.

More Than Snapchat

Besides its purpose to keep tabs and monitor Snapchat accounts, you can also do the same with other social media accounts.

How handy is that?

Monitor Snapchat and other social media account activities such as media files, conversations, video calls; anything that fits under an account.

Real-Time Updates

If you’re worried about what your significant someone is doing every second, you don’t need to be.

Spyzie.io offers real-time updates on your child to keep you posted on any inappropriate activities on Snapchat or other social media.


  • Free download spy app for Android devices
  • No-fuss, no muss access to its dashboard
  • The easy installation process (email & password only)


  • The app needs constant updates

6. Minspy

When it comes to popularity, Minspy doesn’t shy from it.

Minspy has been talked about on famous websites such as New York Times, The Guardian, etc.

Why wouldn’t it be? Minspy has a lot of great accessibility options, usability, and some stealthiness; perfect for the spy app you’re looking for to monitor someone’s Snapchat.

Let’s look at it on a deeper level.

Spy App to Monitor Snapchat

Minspy is specifically made for spying & monitoring every kind of movement in Snapchat. You can easily:

  • Spy on Snapchat message that comes in,
  • The app backs up every Snapchat message-making sure you’ll be able to read everything, even deleted ones.
  • Have access to every media file sent which you can then download for viewing.
  • You can have all information about your kid’s contacts; names, pictures, phone numbers, and even access their social media profiles on Snapchat through Minspy.


  • Root & Jailbreak free for Android and iPhone
  • Reliable and protected app for use
  • Stealth capabilities make it a true app to spy on Snapchat


  • Customer support & experience might be lacking

7. iKeyMonitor – Best Free Option

iKeyMonitor Snapchat features page

Simple and intuitive, that’s what people are saying about this app. No wonder; it has advanced options for spying on someone’s Snapchat messages that anyone would fall in love with.

Let’s take a look at why this app is a great purchase.

GPS Positioning

We think it’s clear that every Snapchat spy app SHOULD have its own GPS tracking system for spying on Snapchat movement. It’s just that useful in monitoring the movement of your kids.

GPS positioning means the app will make use of the GPS module in the smartphone to detect real-time movement and give you updates at the end of the day.

It’s what makes this worthy of being part of the top Snapchat spy app options available in the market.

Keystroke Monitor

The keystroke monitor is the original feature of iKeyMonitor, which made it popular and likable by many.

The app will measure and record ALL the keyword strokes a user does in real-time with their devices.

In the end, you’ll get a data file with the history of all keywords, SMS, and messages for your viewing for spying reasons.


A digital fence makes use of GPS to monitor movement. In simpler terms, you set a fence where the account of the person you’re spying on will only be able to move within.

An example would be in her office. If she leaves and moves outside of the fence, then you will be notified of it. This makes spying much easier.

Message Monitoring

iKeymonitor is capable of every spy option for mobile device tracking.

This simply refers to messages from multiple accounts like Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, and others. Tracking messages from dating apps like Tinder are also possible!

If your kid is currently in the dating stage, you will be notified of their messages and actions in dating apps.


  • Offers more features such as calendar monitoring, account management, and more!
  • Unique Keystroke monitoring feature for accurate search results
  • Supports multiple languages
  • 3-day Free Trial!


  • Requires jailbreak and rooting for Android & iPhone
  • Relatively expensive

8. Hoverwatch

It’s important for parents to monitor and manage their children’s social life. But it also applies to employers and employees as well.

Employers and management should also track and monitor their employees’ devices and accounts to ensure the standards and reputation of the company continue to follow ethical practices.

Luckily, there’s an app for that.

Manage Multiple Accounts Other Than Snapchat

Nothing beats a Snapchat spy app other than a spy app also capable of monitoring other accounts.

Hoverwatch lets you control that kind of power.

Monitoring of Hoverwatch includes messages, call logs, video calls, multimedia files, GPS locations, as well as web browser histories

Hidden in Plain Sight

A Snapchat spy app should ALWAYS be invisible to the naked eye or else it won’t be of any use.

This Snapchat spy runs in the background and hides in plain sight while downloading everything that happens on Snapchat such as media files, text messages.

It quietly downloads everything you need to have on the selected target devices and the best part? It doesn’t drain batteries while doing so.

Customer Support is Key

Customer support is ALWAYS the key when it comes to software products. You should be able to report any technical problems with your app and have it fixed after contacting customer service.

Hoverwatch’s customer support team is a group of people you can trust.

May it be about pricing, purchasing, and tech support; expect to get straightforward solutions and great service with Hoverwatch’s customer service team.


  • Great customer support services
  • Manage other accounts aside from Snapchat
  • Smooth experience accessing web history


  • GPS may present some inaccuracy
  • Compatible with Android devices, but not with iOS

9. FoneMonitor

Monitoring Snapchat activities on a target device should be consistent and on a daily basis, and that means keeping your phone running ALL. THE. TIME.

FoneMonitor Features

You don’t need a high-end phone to use FoneMonitor.

Its most popular feature is its battery-efficient usage. It uses less ram, CPU power, and battery life to track your target device in Snapchat.

With this, you can protect them like a hawk 24/7 without any interruptions or technical difficulties.

And no – just because it uses less power doesn’t mean you won’t be able to maximize the app’s full potential.

If you’re someone in need of an app that can do all the spy activities you need without worrying about bringing a bulky powerbank every time, this app is your answer.

Stealth Mode

Like any other spy Snapchat app, FoneMonitor is impossible to detect with the naked eye on the phone.

The person won’t notice the icon and the app running in the background as well. This prevents uninstalling and lowering alert levels for better track monitoring on the selected phone.

Simplicity Is Beautiful

Like they always say “Simplicity is Beautiful”, and it also applies to software apps, who knew?

FoneMonitor has a basic yet user-friendly interface anyone can use to track and monitor Snapchat movement in a target device.

It’s very straightforward and simple to use with the installation steps (email & password only required) for everyone to follow.


  • Simple and easy-to-use control panel
  • Jailbreaking & rooting free Snapchat monitoring app
  • Minimal resources used to track


  • App tracker may give off inaccurate results

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Free Snapchat Spy Apps for Someone to Use?

There is no free Snapchat spy app that is worth the time and hassle of installation. Free apps are never updated so thier functions and accessibility are extremely limited and many don’t work at all.

These free apps may also be scams or non-legit spyware for your phone.

Moreover, most of the spy apps that can monitor Snapchat require a monthly subscription. These can get you their basic plans as well as their premium plans if you pay extra.

Are Snapchat Spy Apps Legal to Install in a Target Device?

It is legal if you follow the strict regulations and caveats to installing spyware on a target device.

You need to make sure the device you’re going to use for tracking should be yours and yours ONLY. A breach of that restriction will violate your state or country’s law that will likely end in penalties.

It’s best if you reach out to a lawyer or consultant if you’re planning to spy on someone’s Snapchat to ensure safety and precaution of monitoring and tracking.

If you are an employer, it’s within the law and their contract to have employee monitoring requirements if you deem fit.

However, informing them beforehand is the best practice to ensure no breach of trust is violated between the team member and employers.

If you are parents and plan to install Snapchat spyware on your kid’s device, then it’s your decision if you would tell them or not.

Can I See Who Someone Is Snapping With?

Yes. Using an app like uMobix or mSpy will allow you to see who someone is Snapping. To learn more check out this article about viewing someone’s Snapchat history.

This means you can see who you boyfriend is Snapping or who your girlfriend Snapchats.

Is Snapchat Used for Cheating?

Snapchat can be used by a cheating spouse or partner as it provides a very convenient way to send messages and pictures to other people. And once viewed, the pictures are automatically deleted.

For more information check out this post about how cheaters use Snapchat or you can check out our post covering the best spy apps to catch a cheating spouse.


Bottom line is they all have stealth mode activated which keeps it hidden from the target device. Their only difference is they are unique to each other when it comes to features and accessibility options.

Just remember, it’s important you go through each Snapchat spying app so you know it can be trusted.

Read customer reviews, try out free trials (if there are any), and compare prices to see and decide which is the best app for your needs.

We hope we helped you boil down your options to picking the best Snapchat spy app for any target device.

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