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uMobix Review 2022: Why Is It My #1 Surveillance App?

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After testing over 50 different spy apps over the past four years it’s a pleasant surprise to find one that actually delivers on its’ promises.

In this review you’ll learn why uMobix is the best cell phone monitoring app on the market. That’s not to say it’s COMPLETELY perfect, but no other spy app offers more features without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone. They also have the best customer service in the industry.

Like most monitoring apps, uMobix operates completely hidden in the background on the target cell phone. This makes it completely invisible to the phone’s user.

My Verdict on uMobix

umobix home page

The uMobix app is a powerful mobile phone spying application with a comprehensive list of iPhone and Android monitoring features. The uMobix app tracks real-time GPS location, social media activity and messages, incoming and outgoing text messages, phone calls, and more.

uMobix claims they started their company because they saw an opportunity to provide a completely different customer experience from other monitoring apps.

Many spyware companies build their apps on the same software code. This is why there are so many apps offering exactly the same features.

The uMobix monitoring app is built from scratch. This allows them to develop unique features, like native Facebook account monitoring, which is not available with any other spy app.

They support it with helpful customer service, and back it all up with a totally transparent refund policy.

What I Like

  • no stress – convenient one-click installation
  • track everything – access more phone data than any other tracking app
  • no secrets – see deleted calls, messages, and contacts
  • great for parents – plenty of parental control features
  • highly responsive and knowledgeable support

What I Don’t Like

  • slightly more expensive than competitive apps
  • small impact on target phone performance (see usage notes)
  • no Snapchat monitoring on iOS devices
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uMobix offers surveillance software for iPhones and Androids. In the section below we explore some of the key features for each type of device.

Key Android Monitoring Features

The uMobix spy app for Android devices offers a comprehensive list of spying features. Below are the features that separate uMobix from other Android spy apps.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring capabilities include all of the following apps:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Tinder
  • Snapchat
  • Tik Tok
  • Zoom
  • Instagram
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • WeChat
  • Skype
  • kik
  • Line


Snapchat is the most popular social media app for teens. uMobix tracks the following activities in the Snapchat app.

  • Snapchat messages and conversations
  • view screenshots of Snapchat images sent from target Android
  • see if Snapchat location sharing is enabled


TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media apps in the world. uMobix tracks all TikTok activity including posted videos and messages. Messages can be viewed even if they are deleted from the target phone.

Facebook & Facebook Messenger

uMobix tracks the target user’s Facebook account by taking periodic screenshots of their activity. These images are saved in the Facebook menu in the uMobix control panel.

Facebook Messenger chats are recorded and organized by contact in the control panel. These messages can be viewed even if the original message has been deleted by the user.


uMobix for Android takes screen shots of all Instagram activity. This tracks the users interactions, posts, and more. Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) can be viewed in the control panel. Direct Messages are organized by contact name.


uMobix spy’s on Tinder by taking screen shots of all user activity. These screenshots can be viewed in the online control panel. This feature tracks Tinder Matches, information about potential matches, and more.

The Tinder spy feature also tracks direct messages between the user and any matches.


The Reddit monitoring feature tracks activity through screen shots. This allows for tracking Subreddits, comments, upvotes, downvotes, user karma, browsing, and messages.

Ambient Listening & Recording

uMobix is capable of remotely activating the microphone on Android devices. This feature enables remote listening and recording of the target phone’s surroundings. This is useful for monitoring a child’s location or their immediate surroundings.

Recordings can be saved in the control panel for up to 180 days.

Snapshot and Video Streaming

uMobix offers two methods of remotely activating the camera of an Android device. The Snapshot feature takes a single picture using the phone’s internal camera. The Video Streaming feature uses the phone’s camera to stream and record video of the phone’s surroundings.


The uMobix monitoring app includes a powerful keystroke logger. A keylogger records all keystrokes on the keyboard of a target device. This includes usernames, passwords, chats, website addresses, Google searches, and more.

The real beauty of the Android version is the simple and FAST installation. I detail the installation process below, but I was able to get it up and running in less than five minutes.

Youtube Monitoring

uMobix for Android tracks Youtube activity including watched history, likes, comments. This is done by using screenshots. Every 5-10 seconds the screen is recorded. This provides a clear picture of what is being watched on the device.

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Key iPhone and iOS Features

ios logo

This section covers the features that separate the uMobix spyware app from its competitors on the iOS operating system. The standard features are listed in a section below.

  • full access to the target user’s Facebook account
  • full access to their Instagram account, including DMs
  • Facebook Messenger messages and files
  • WhatsApp messages and files
  • Tinder messages
  • Skype messages
  • Line

Every other spyware app on the market requires you to jailbreak the phone to get this level of monitoring on an iPhone. This is why uMobix is currently my favorite iPhone spyware app.

Native Facebook Monitoring

The iOS Facebook monitoring feature provides total access to the target user’s Facebook account. What does this mean?

You have the same access to Facebook as the account owner. You can do all of the following:

  • browse Facebook feed
  • see likes, comments, followed users, and tags
  • block unwanted users
  • restrict inappropriate content
  • view Facebook Messenger messages and contacts

Instagram Account Access

The uMobix app gives you full access to the target user’s Instagram account on iOS devices. Full access provides you with all of the following features:

  • browse user’s Instagram feed
  • unfollow inappropriate content
  • block users
  • configure Instagram account settings
  • view Instagram Direct Messages

Real Time Location Tracking

uMobix offers real-time location tracking of iOS devices. Most iOS spy apps only update a device’s location when it backs up to the iCloud. uMobix offers two different solutions to get more up-to-date location data.

  1. a profile on the iOS device itself that sends regular GPS location updates.
  2. access to LocationTracker, an app that uses cell tower triangulation to pinpoint a phone’s location.

No Snapchat

As of right now uMobix does not monitor Snapchat on iOS devices. uMobix uses iCloud backups to display phone data in the control panel. No Snapchat data is stored in the iCloud. This makes it impossible to track Snapchat on iPhones or iPads unless the device is jailbroken.

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Standard Monitoring Features

In addition to the key features I covered above, uMobix also gives you access to just about everything else on the target phone. This includes the following for both Android and iOS versions:

  • View call logs: Check call logs in chronological order, including call duration, timestamps, and contact names along with their phone number. You can also view call status like outgoing, incoming, rejected, or missed calls
  • View messages: view received, sent, as well as deleted messages, including the name of the sender and receiver, chat history, actual text messages
  • GPS location: View phone location details with timestamps plus location history. You can also view geographical co-ordinates along with addresses
  • Bookmarks and browser history: See the websites visited. View the saved bookmarks from the web browser of the device
  • Much more: View received, deleted, and sent WhatsApp messages, including group and private chats, along with their timestamps. View received and sent direct messages on Instagram with accompanying timestamps and other important details like contacts. You can also view videos and photos stored on the target device (all require “Full” package)

Notes After Using the uMobix App

During testing I installed the uMobix app on both an iOS and Android device to see how the phone performs. Below are usage notes from each.

iPhone and iOS

After installation the target iPhone performed exactly as before. There were no notifications about suspicious apps and no strange behavior while accessing social media, maps, Safari, Chrome or any other apps.

During tests of other spyware apps a “Map” icon appeared in the system tray when location updates were occurring. The GPS location tracking service never displayed a map icon during testing of the uMobix app.

Rebooting the phone caused no issues. My test iPhone uses the latest iOS updates so I was unable to test the app after a system update. But since uMobix pulls all of it’s data from the user’s iCloud account, this shouldn’t be an issue.

It is worth noting that updates to your dashboard will only occur as frequently as the phone backs up to the iCloud account.


After finishing the installation process the test Android operated normally for the most part. There were a couple minor issues that I noticed.

  1. During fast scrolling on websites there was a slight “jitter” to the scrolling motion. This is most likely due to the app occasionally taking screenshots of the web pages.
  2. I attempted to install an anti-virus app (Norton 360) to see if it would detect uMobix. The installation went fine, but the app was automatically shut down every time I tried to open it. This could arouse suspicion should the user attempt to install an anti-virus program.
  3. I was unable to open “Google Play Protect”. This is not surprising either as Google Play Protect would detect and delete the spyware app if it were enabled.

Other than these minor issues, everything on the phone functioned normally.

Key Requirements

***Before you continue… the following requirements are necessary to use ANY CELL PHONE SPY APP***

iPhones & iOS Devices

uMobix utilizes iCloud backups to monitor iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Doing so requires the target user’s iCloud credentials. This includes their email address and password.

If the user’s phone has 2-factor authentication (2FA) enabled, you will also need access to the phone to get the verification code sent by Apple.

If you need to access GPS location and Internet browsing history you will also need to download a configuration to the phone using a link supplied by uMobix.

These requirements are the same with nearly EVERY spy app on the market. If they’re telling you otherwise, RUN.

Using this method you will have full access to their Facebook account, Facebook Messenger, Instagram messaging, Skype, text messages, and LOTS more.

Android Devices

Installing uMobix on an Android requires you to download the app on the phone, so you WILL need physical access to the device.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get straight to the meat of this review first so you can see what separates uMobix from other spy apps on the market.

Compatible Devices

The app works on phones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola, and many more. It works on all mobiles and tablets running on Android version 4 or higher.

To see if it’s compatible with your specific device you can enter the model number into the compatibility tool on their website.

Click here and then scroll down the page until you see the section that looks like the image below.

Installation and Setup of uMobix

installing uMobix on a cell phone

One of the most common problems with phone monitoring apps is the difficulty of installation. The first thing I noticed when setting up the uMobix app was how easy they’ve made the installation process.

Almost every other spyware app I’ve tested required talking to their tech support before I was able to get the app working properly.

A simple and fast installation process is crucial. If you only have a few minutes to access someone’s phone, a simple installation can take all the stress out of the situation.

Once chosen your subscription plan and made your payment you will receive an email with detailed instructions.

The instructions are different based on the type of phone you need to monitor.

Installing uMobix on iPhones

There are two options for installing uMobix on iPhones.

The first method requires only the target person’s iCloud email and password. Once this information is entered Apple will send a code to the phone that you will need to enter in your uMobix dashboard.

What is the downside to this method? You will not be able to view GPS location data or web browser history.

In order to track GPS location and web browser history you will need to use a download link to setup a profile on the phone. This is very quickly done using the QR code below. And yes this means you WILL need physical access to the phone.

Next you’ll be asked to click the link that opens in Safari.

Once the download has finished open “Settings” and click “Profile Downloaded”. Then click “Install”.

Next you will need to enter the passcode for the device. Then click “Install”.

Once the installation has finished click “Done”.

Now you will be asked to enter the user’s iCloud credentials to allow uMobix to pull backups from their account.

Once entered the target device will receive a 2 factor authentication code. Enter that code and you are finished.

Unfortunately there is no way around this. (If you’ve looked at other apps that claim to have a way around this BEWARE. Once you’ve signed up you will most likely have a hard time getting a refund when it doesn’t work)

Installing uMobix on Android Devices

Installation on Android devices will require a few minutes of access to the phone. Below you will find the EXACT installation procedure.

Step 1: Start by creating an account at uMobix.com

All that is required to get started is your email address.

Next choose “Android Phone or Tablet” as the device to be monitored.

umobix device selection page

Then choose your subscription. Obviously the annual plan is the best value, but choose whatever makes sense for your budget.

Once you’ve completed the transaction you will be taken to the installation and setup page.

Step 2: Adjust security settings on the target Android (Total Time: 1 minute)

You will now need access to the target Android device to install the uMobix app. It is not available through the Google Play Store, so you must enable app installation from 3rd party sources. This step may look slightly different based on the Android phone you’re monitoring. Here are the steps I took on my Pixel. From the Security app -> Apps & Notification -> Special App Access -> Install unknown apps from the device.

  1. Tap the “Security” icon
  2. Tap “Apps & Notifications”
  3. Tap “Special App Access”
  4. Tap “Install Unknown Apps”

5. Then you will tap “Chrome” and enable “Allow from this source”

6. Next disable Google Play Protect by going to “Settings”
7. Tap “Security”
8. Tap “Google Play Protect”
9. Tap the cog icon in the top right
10. Turn off “Scan apps…” and “Improve Harmful App Detection…”

Now you’re ready to download the app onto the device.

Step 3: Install the uMobix tracker on the target phone (Total time: 5 minutes)

  1. Login to the uMobix website.
  2. From the Download and Install page, use the TARGET phone’s camera to scan the QR code.
  3. Click on the link that appears. This will download the uMobix app.

4. Once it finishes downloading click the “Open” button.
5. When prompted with “File Might Be Harmful”, click “Download Anyway”

6. At the next prompt click “Install”

7. At the uMobix license agreement page click “Agree”
8. On the next page tap “Enable Keylogger”
9. You will then be taken to the “Automatic Installation” page. It will start automatically.

Once the installation has completed the phone’s data will begin downloading to your dashboard. This process can take several minutes to an hour depending on the amount of data and the phone’s internet connection.

Step 3: Log into your online dashboard to view the phone’s data

After the installation is complete you can login to your control panel to check that the app is sending data from the target phone.

At this point you can adjust how frequently the phone sends updates to your dashboard. The default setting is 10 minutes. Keep in mind that more frequent updates will drain the battery of the target phone more quickly.

From here you can also adjust when the phone will send text-based data and media files. Setting these to Wifi only will use less cellular data, but will only send updates when the phone is connected to Wifi.

uMobix Pricing

The pricing differs slightly depending on the type of phone you need to monitor.

When compared to my previous top spy app, mSpy, uMobix comes in considerably cheaper. The “Full” plan gets you more features than mSpy’s “Premium” plan, and you will save $20 per month if you pay monthly.

You can save even more by paying all 12 months at once for a total of $139.92. A full year of mSpy’s “Premium” plan will cost just under $200.

current uMobix pricing for iPhone

Since monitoring Android devices requires an app that is downloaded to the phone itself, you’ll pay a slightly higher price ($49.99/mo). But you’ll still save $10 per month compared to mSpy.

Customer Support

After spending so much time testing spy apps I’m rarely impressed with the “tech support” teams most of these companies use.

I was SHOCKED at how quickly I was able to get in touch with someone at uMobix.

And not only were they fast, they were extremely knowledgable. The rep I spoke to knew more about phone operating systems than I ever want to know.

They spend a great deal of time and resources making sure they are AHEAD of the changes that are coming from the various manufacturers.

This is one of the big reasons they didn’t come up with a jailbreak version of the software for iPhones. They somehow knew in advance that feature was going to be taken away by Apple.

Uninstalling the uMobix App

Uninstalling on iPhone

To uninstall uMobix from an iOS based device follow the instructions below.

  1. On the target iPhone go to “Settings”
  2. Tap “General”
  3. Tap “VPN & Device Management”.
  4. Tap “iCloud Secure Network”
  5. Then tap “Remove Profile”
  6. Log in to your uMobix account
  7. Click “Settings” in the top right of the screen
  8. Click “Unlink”

The app will now stop functioning.

Uninstalling on Android

The uMobix app is cleverly disguised as an Android operating system application. It is called “Play Services”.

Below you will find the process to remove uMobix from an Android device.

  1. Tap the “Settings” icon.
  2. Tap “Apps & Notifications”
  3. From the list select the “Play Services” app.
  4. Tap “Uninstall”

In some cases you will NOT be able to open the “Play Services” app. This is done to keep the phone’s owner from tampering with the app.

If you are not able to open the “Play Services” app from the menu you will need to reboot the device in “Safe Mode”. Follow the instructions below to reboot the device in Safe Mode.

  1. Press and hold the power button until the Power Off prompt appears.
  2. Press and HOLD the Power Off button until you see the “Reboot to Safe Mode” prompt.
  3. Then Tap OK.
  4. Now you should be able to repeat the steps above to delete the “Play Services” app.

Conclusion, There’s a New #1

While uMobix is a new name in the spy app marketplace, they have quickly established a solid name by providing a stable product backed up with solid customer support. Want to see how it compares to one of the most popular apps on the market? Check out my mSpy vs uMobix comparison.

If you’re looking for an app that can quickly and easily be installed on a phone you need to monitor, uMobix is now my number 1 pick.

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Can I Install uMobix remotely on Android devices?

uMobix cannot be installed remotely on Android phones. It requires physical access to install the app and adjust security settings.

Can I Remotely Install uMobix on iOS devices?

The uMobix iPhone installation only requires that you enter the 2 factor authentication code that is sent to the target phone. If you want to track GPS location and Internet browser history on iOS devices you WILL need physical access.

Can uMobix monitor multiple devices?

Yes, uMobix can monitor multiple devices from the same account. This includes phones with different operating systems.

Can uMobix Track Snapchat Conversations?

uMobix can track Snapchat accounts and conversations on Android phones only. The iOS version of uMobix does NOT monitor Snapchat.

Can I See Deleted Text Messages with uMobix?

Yes, you will be able to see deleted text messages with uMobix.

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